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Watching Algorithms

Gen Z grew up with streaming video. These platforms use databases and personalization algorithms to keep our attention. What is this doing to us?

Trolls and the Truth

Trolling has become commonplace. What makes a troll dangerous? How do we know when we’re talking to a troll? How do we deal with trolls? What if they’re state sponsored?


Does Facebook want to be your everything? I think the data hungry behemoth is a virus on the net.


Our data is collected constantly. At the same time, hacktivists are leaking data. What does this mean for society?

Big Data

Should we be worried about big data? Do we live in a disciplinary society by means of a digital panopticon?


Have you heard of tech bros? They're all over Silicon Valley. In this episode, I continue to reflect on Ruined by Design by Mike Montiero by looking at my own upbringing and how the valley is full of people like me.

By Design

What does it mean to be a designer? How accountable are technology designers accountable for the actions by users on their platform? How do we reckon with addictive design that is profit driven?


What's going on with our attention? Why are we exhausted? If technology is making us more productive, shouldn't we be better off?

2021 NERDLab